Tata Technology To Launch IPO: Here Are The Predictions

Tata Technology

Tata Technology is a product engineering company that is expected to launch its IPO in the coming months. Investors are interested in this IPO because experts believe that this can be a good opportunity to make maximum profits. On top of that, Tata  has a good reputation when it comes to IPOs. The parent company Tata Sons’ last IPO was of TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) which was offered in 2004 and proved to be very successful and lucrative. 

As of now, the company is not listed on the stock market. Although the company offers unlisted shares in the grey market. If you’re an investor who is looking to buy or know Tata Technology’s share price, we will provide you with much-needed information and our prediction about Tata Technologies’ IPO. 

Upcoming IPO Details

Tata Technologies filed a DRHP with SEBI on 9th March 2023. It is planning to sale 9.57 crore shares on the face value of ₹2. This IPO is offer for sale by its existing shareholders like Tata Motors, Alpha TC Holdings Pte and Tata Capital Growth Fund-I. Tata Motors currently holds a 74% Stake in Tata Technologies whereas Alpha TC Holdings Pte and Tata Capital Growth Fund-I hold 7.26% and 3.63% respectively.

Since there are limited details available regarding Tata Technologies IPO, it is difficult to predict the performance of its IPO shares in the future. 

Tata Technologies Share Price Before IPO

Tata Technologies share prices have been rising steadily in the last few years. The unlisted share price went from ₹530 in January to ₹1100 in the latter part of September. As per reports, the share prices of Tata Motors saw a positive effect after the announcement of Tata Technologies’ IPO. Tata Motors’ share price went from ₹430 per equity share to ₹562 per equity share after the news of Tata Technologies IPO. 

As of now, Tata Tech share prices have been rising steadily and that is a testament to the name behind the company. Having Tata in its name, the company has gained the trust of investors and had a solid performance in the last few years except for during the Covid19. Reading financial reports of the last few years is crucial for anyone who wants to invest in the company. 

Predictions For Tata Technologies’ IPO

Tata Technologies’ IPO is soon to be in the market and the question that’s lingering around is whether a person should invest in the IPO. Tata Tech share price at the time of listing is estimated to be around ₹265 to ₹275 but if the response from the investor looks positive, the company might try to maximise their return and in that case, shares are expected to be listed at ₹315 to ₹320. According to experts, Tata Technologies’ IPO is a very good opportunity for investors to capitalise on. There are several reasons for this verdict, trust in Tata’s name and the fact that the company is a global engineering company with a decent enough portfolio, to name a few.  

As an investor, you should assess the company’s financial metrics, including the EBITDA, revenue growth, and profit margin for the different financial years. Many online platforms like Stockify help you to evaluate the company based on the metrics mentioned above. 

Key Points Of Tata Technologies’ IPO

There are some points to keep in mind before investing in the IPO and unlisted shares of Tata Technologies.


  1. They have expertise in the automotive sector and provide end-to-end solutions for EV development, manufacturing and services after sale which can prove to be beneficial as this sector has been growing consistently for the last few years. 
  2. They have strong capabilities in the IT and digital sectors. 
  3. It is a global company that operates in more than 30 countries throughout  Asia Pacific, Europe and North America, 


  1. As it is a major company in the automotive sector, its dependency on the sector means that the health of the automotive sector will have severe effects on the IPO.  
  2. The majority of their revenue comes from their top 5 customers so any mishaps with customers can lead to a dump in Tata Technologies share prices. 
  3. Their involvement in the EV sector can also affect them as the future of EVs is uncertain. 

Is It Profitable  To Invest In Tata Tech Unlisted Shares Before IPO? 

It is safe to say that Tata Technologies share price will rise after the IPO. That being said, there is no official date for the IPO yet. It is beneficial for investors to buy Tata Technologies unlisted shares at this time to get early access to its IPO shares when the company gets listed on the stock exchange. You can stay updated on Tata Technologies Share price, IPO predictions and other financial details through trusted online trading platforms like Stockify where you can buy and sell pre-IPO Tata Technologies unlisted shares and other unlisted shares.